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Dog Grooming Grand Rapids Michigan

Bring your dog to Marilyn’s Dog Grooming, your source for dog grooming and bathing in Cascade, located in Grand Rapids, MI. Marilyn’s Dog Grooming is a family owned business that has been around for nearly 40 years. We have the experience and skills to provide you with the best dog grooming in town. If you are looking for a dog groomer in the cascade area, please give us a call.

Professional Pet Grooming Benefits

The benefits of having your pet professionally groomed go way beyond the manicured look only a professional can give.  While it’s nice to pamper your pet and have her come home with a shiny coat and maybe even some ribbons or bows, having your pet see a professional for regular grooming also has many health benefits.

How frequently varies from breed to breed, however, most dogs and cats benefit from grooming including baths and brushings.  Brushing your animal’s coat helps redistribute the oils and keep your pet’s fur looking shiny and healthy.  Keeping the hair trimmed and clean is also a matter of hygiene.  Coats can get matted and dirty.  On breeds with longer coats, hair left untrimmed near the eyes and ears can lead to infections and other complications.  A professional groomer will also address your pet’s nails, which are very difficult and even dangerous to do on your own.  

Bringing your pet to a professional groomer can also help with early detection of certain diseases.  A professional groomer may recognize problems such as ear infections, tumors or eye problems that you yourself had missed.  At Marilyn’s Dog Grooming we understand how important your pet is to you.  We have been in this business for 40 years and have a passion for animals.  When you bring your pet to us it will be treated like one of the family.  We will make sure you dog is healthy and beautiful!

Dog Grooming

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